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Your Review, Our Quest

In today's digital age, online reviews have become a powerful tool for consumers seeking honest opinions and reliable information before making a purchase. However, the increase of fake reviews has cast a shadow of doubt on the authenticity of these testimonials.

At VQ, we believe in transparency, integrity, and putting our customers first. Research indicates that a significant percentage of reviews found online are fabricated, created either by companies themselves or automated bots. This unethical practice aims to boost sales by deceiving consumers with false endorsements.

The consequences of fake reviews extend beyond the realm of dishonesty. These fabricated testimonials can mislead consumers, leading to unsatisfactory purchases and eroding trust in the entire online shopping experience.

Fake reviews pose a serious threat to consumer trust and the credibility of online retailers. It's crucial for businesses to take proactive measures in eliminating fake reviews to protect their customers' interests and foster a genuine online shopping environment.

At VQ, we take immense pride in our commitment to ethical practices and customer satisfaction. We adamantly refuse to engage in the fabrication or promotion of fake reviews. Our mission is to create an honest and transparent platform where customers can rely on genuine feedback to make informed decisions.

Hence the name VQ, Vision in Design, Quality in Construction.

In February 2021, U.K. consumer advocacy group Which? published an investigation into how fake reviews for products available on Amazon Marketplace were being sold online in bulk. It found that companies set up for the sole purpose of flooding Amazon sellers’ product listings with phoney praise were fuelling a huge global industry of coordinated online reviews.

We are proud to say that we have gained the most Which Awards for our audio products than any other British brand. Which magazine is an independent publication that vigorously tests products across many different areas in order to give the consumer an impartial overview of how each product performs.

We understand that mistakes can happen, and sometimes products may have faults or fail to meet expectations. In such instances, our dedicated support team is readily available to address any concerns and resolve issues promptly. We value our customers' experiences and continuously strive to improve our products and services based on their feedback.

To combat the prevalence of fake reviews, we need your support. Genuine reviews from real people who have experienced our products first hand are invaluable in helping others make informed choices.

If you have purchased one of our products and are enjoying the experience, we encourage you to share your thoughts and provide honest feedback. Your feedback matters to us, and we sincerely appreciate your support in helping us create a legitimate community of shoppers.

We are building a growing community of customers via our VQ & YOU! Brand Ambassador Programme. There is an option to leave a review of a product purchased to gain points that can be redeemed with a % discount on our products. Our reviews are from ‘real’ customers, and we greatly appreciate and listen to all of the feedback.

VQ & YOU! Brand Ambassador Programme & Affiliate Marketing Scheme

We believe that providing genuine reviews from real customers is the cornerstone of an ethical retail industry. By choosing to combat fake reviews and put our customers first, we strive to foster a trustworthy shopping experience that empowers consumers to make informed decisions.

Together, we can create a more reliable and transparent online retail sector, one genuine review at a time. Your Review, Our Quest.