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Article: Top 10 Best Audiobooks to Listen to with VQ's Audio Appliances

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Top 10 Best Audiobooks to Listen to with VQ's Audio Appliances

In a world buzzing with activity, the allure of fiction audiobooks has become undeniable, offering a gateway to immersive storytelling that transcends time and space. Thankfully, with the surge in popularity of fiction and non-fiction audiobooks and the convenience offered by VQ audio products, escaping into captivating stories has become effortless.


The Which Award-Winning VQ Monty is a beautifully modern styled DAB/DAB+ Radio and Bluetooth Speaker, and now, your go-to companion for leisurely afternoons at home. Lounge around the house and let Monty walk you through different fictional worlds. For unparalleled convenience, consider the Hepburn Voice with built-in Amazon Alexa functionality. Seamlessly command your top audiobooks to play as you move around your home, performing daily chores. 


Planning on getting out of the house? Perhaps a picnic sounds like a good idea, but don't forget to pack the Retro Mini. Its compact size and retro style make it the perfect accompaniment for basking in the sun while indulging in must-listen audiobooks. Let us also introduce you to the Skylark TWS Wireless Earbuds with a hand-applied, stunning Cath Kidston designer finish and Enhanced Noise Cancelling (ENC), perfect for uninterrupted listening of your favourite novels and other stories.


With MyVQ's range of portable audio gadgets, your audiobook journey is guaranteed to be a memorable one. From Literary Classics to Contemporary Fiction, we have curated a selection of the top 10 must-listen fiction audiobooks for 2024 that we guarantee you will enjoy. Let’s dive in!


MyVQ's Top Audiobook Recommendations for You:



Audio book of Beautiful World, Where Are You





So, grab your favourite VQ Audio device and start your audiobook adventure today to experience storytelling at its finest. From timeless tales to cutting-edge narratives, our top picks are sure to captivate and inspire audiobook enthusiasts and new listeners alike.